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Valentine's Day
'Lovely Whispers' Designer's Choice Floral Arrangement for Valentine's Day in Garland, TX | Flowerly
'Lovely Whispers'
Designer's Choice Floral Arrangement for Valentine's Day
**Embrace the Artistry of Affection with 'Lovely Whispers'** This Valentine's Day, let your emotions bloom with our 'Lovely Whispers' designs, a Rocoquette-inspired collection that speaks love through flowers on your behalf. Each arrangement has their unique look, with rich novelty blooms, premium roses, and mesmerizing colors that dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat. We celebrate the beauty of Creation through the flora of the season and soft textures, creating an exquisite feast for the senses. Choose from three love-curated color palettes, each ready to spill their secrets of love through a playful blend of four main hues (and a sprinkle of surprise tones) to weave a story of harmony and sweet heartbeats. Whether you opt for the sweet embrace of our $165 arrangement, the luxurious allure of the $250 masterpiece, or the opulent splendor of the $425 creation, 'Lovely Whispers' promises a Valentine's Day where love is not just spoken, but vividly felt and beautifully seen. But remember, February 14th is around the corner and these whimsical wonders are in high demand. So, twirl your way to a pre-order today, and let 'Lovely Whispers' turn your love story into a floral fairytale. *KIND REMINDERS* -The last day to submit your pre-order is February 9th. -Choose a color palette from the choices below and include it in Special Instructions, OR alternatively choose 'Buy Now' on the color palette you choose below. *TIP* -Mention why the color palette reminded you of them in your Card Message, they'll swoon over that detail!
Shown at $165.00
Shown at $165.00

Custom Flower Design
Custom Flower Design
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How do I take care of my flowers once they are delivered?

Now that you have your stunning flowers, you would like to preserve their beautiful state for as long as possible. Below we have provided some fresh flower care tips to help guide you.

First things first
If your flowers came in plastic, you will need to remove the plastic wrapping as soon as possible. This allows for your flowers to breathe. Then provide fresh water for your flowers as soon as possible.

Where you place your flowers can make a difference
Avoid placing your flower arrangements near areas of extreme temperatures. This could include windowsills, direct sunlight all day, or an overly hot room. These factors can cause your flowers to dry out quickly or wilt. Most flowers last longer under cooler and controlled conditions. Avoid placing your flowers next to fruit or cigarette smoke. Ethylene gas can reduce the life of your flowers and be detrimental to their lifespan.

Maintaining a beautiful presentation
Keep your flowers looking fresh and displayed beautifully by tending to your flowers periodically.

  • Keep vase arrangements filled with fresh water. This allows the plants to drink up the water they need for proper hydration.
  • For basket arrangements, we suggest providing your flowers with daily fresh water.
  • Remember to switch out any cloudy water. You will want to fully clean the inside of your vase with soap and water, thoroughly rinse, and then refill the vase with new water. This will help remove any bacteria that could possibly harm your flowers and cause them to deteriorate more quickly.
  • As you notice leaves or stems wilting, remove the strongly wilted contents. This will help your flowers maintain a fresh and appealing appearance.
  • To help your flowers to maintain proper hydration, use a sharp knife to cut your stems. Cut the stems at an angle one to two inches from the bottom. This will help the flowers to absorb water. It is discouraged to use scissors to cut the flower stems. Scissors can crush the stems, preventing proper water absorption.